Awarded Tenders


Bid Received for Tender MQA/01/18-19: Appointment of a Panel of Attorneys for the MQA until 31 March 2020
Awarded bid for Tender MQA/43/17-18: Appointment of a Panel of Service Providers to Edit, Design, Layout and Print Various Promotional Materials for the MQA

The following service providers have been appointed to form a panel to edit, design, layout and print various promotional marketing materials for the MQA, for a period up to and including 31 March

Bids Received for Tender MQA/46/17-18: Appointment of Service Provider to Provide Internet Connection Services for the MQA

Bidder no.

Bidder no. Company B-
Awarded bid for Tender MQA/44/17-18: Appointment of Service Provider(s) per Province to Implement the Maths and Science Project in Nine (9) Provinces

This serves to notify bidders of the appointed service providers for the above-mentioned tender:

1. Historymakers Business Consulting: 

Bids Received for Tender MQA/45/17-18: Appointment of an Internal Auditor for the Mining Qualifications Authority
Bidder no. Company B-