Bids Received

Bids Received for Tender MQA/32/17-17: Appointment of a Service Provider to Provide Maintenance for HVAC System


Bidder no.

Bid Received for Tender MQA/36/17-18: Appointment of Service Provider to Manage the Development of Learning Packs for the MQA
Bidder no. Company B-BBEE Level
Bids Received for Tender MQA/34/17-18: Appointment of Accredited Service Provider to Supply, Install, Configure EMC VXNE 3200
Bids Received for Tender MQA/33/17-18: Appointment of a Service Provider for Maintenance, Repair and Diesel Refilling Services for MQA Generator
Bidder no. Company
Bidder no. Company B-BBEE Level
Awarded bid for Tender MQA/25/16-17: Service Provider to Implement Document Management & Archiving Solution

CHM Vuwani Computer Solutions has been awarded the tender to implement a document management and archiving solution for the MQA using Microsoft SharePoint.