Call for Nominations: National Skills Awards for 2019 #NSA2019 Awards

The National Skills Authority (NSA) is inviting all relevant organisations and institutions implementing (NSDS) skills development to participate in the National Skills Development Awards. The prestigious awards ceremony will be held on 14 March 2019.

The objectives of the awards are:

  • To celebrate excellence by recognising best skills development implementers and NSF Funded Projects in various categories.
  • To provide extensive and national coverage/ exposure for best skills development practices through print and electronic media.
  • To recognise work placement opportunities created through the various learning programs i.e. artisan development, FET graduate placement, universities graduate placement, learnerships and internships.
  • To encourage maximum use of workplace-based skills development initiatives.
  • To mobilise business, government, community and providers to ensure the realization of the NSDS III goals.


  • SETAs
  • National Departments
  • Provincial Departments
  • State Owned Enterprises
  • Municipalities
  • Companies (Large/SMMEs)
  • Large Companies 500-1000 or more employees, medium company 51-500 employees and small company 1-50 employees.
  • CBOs and NGOs
  • Public and Private Education and Training Institutions
  • Individuals


1.   Agricultural and Sector Education Training Authority (AGRISETA)

2.   Bank Sector Education Training Authority (BANKSETA)

3.   Chemical Industries Sector Education Training Authority (CHIETA)

4.   Construction Sector Education Training Authority (CETA)

5.   Culture Arts Tourism Hospitality and Sports Sector Education Training Authority (CATHSSETA)

6.   Education Training and Development Practices Sector Education Training Authority (ETDPSETA)

7.   Energy and Water Sector Education Training Authority (EWSETA)

8.   Fibre Processing and Manufacturing Sector Education Training Authority (FP&MSETA)

9.   Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education Training Authority (FASSET)

10. Food and Beverages Sector Education Training Authority (FOODBEV)

11. Health and Welfare Sector Education Training Authority (HWSETA)

12. Insurance Sector Education Training Authority (INSETA)

13. Local Government Sector Education Training Authority (LGSETA)

14. Manufacturing and Engineering Related Sector Education Training Authority (MERSETA)

15. Media Information and Communication Technology Sector Education Training Authority (MICTSETA)

16. Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA)

17. Public Service Sector Education Training Authority (PSETA)

18. Safety and Security Sector Education Training Authority (SASSETA)

19. Services Sector Education Training Authority (ServicesSETA)

20. Transport Sector Education Training Authority (TETA)

21. Wholesale and Retail Sector Education Training Authority (W&RSETA)

22. Most Outstanding Skills Development Stakeholder (Gold)

23. Most Outstanding Skills Development Stakeholder (Silver)

24. Most Outstanding Skills Development Stakeholder (Bronze)

25. NSA Chairperson’s award for recognition of most outstanding SETA

26. Minister’s award for recognition of most outstanding individual

The awards for categories 1 – 22 will be based on 2017/2018 performance in the following learning programs:

  • Best Artisan Development Programme
  • Best TVET Placement Programme
  • BEST AET Programme
  • Best Skills Programme
  • Best University
  • Programme (WIL/WPBL)
  • Best Community Project
  • Best Public Sector Internship and learnership programmes
  • Best career and vocational guidance program

The award for category 23 will be based on the following:

  • Performance against targets
  • Governance
  • Financial sustainability
  • Management / Corporate Services
  • Collaboration / Partnerships
  • Innovation / Creativity
  • Accessibility of information

The award for category 24 will be based on the following:

  • Skills development participation
  • Accomplishments
  • Community involvement
  • Leadership
  • Ethics and Integrity

The applications for categories 1 – 22 will be measured against the following indicators:

  • Track record of placements and appointments
  • Retention and throughput
  • Number of learners employed
  • Profile of learners
  • Proportionality

The applications for category 23 will be measured against the following indicators:

  • Financial position
  • Auditor – General Report
  • Good governance and compliance
  • Funding received
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Employment equity and alignment

The applications for category 24 will be measured against the following indicators:

  • Initiatives (Incidents to be provided)
  • Characteristics (Honesty, Integrity, Openness)
  • Overall impact E.g. Increase in community awareness, number of individuals affected.
  • Attestations / Testimonials
  • References


More information on the criteria for the awards, contact details for various SETAs and application forms will be accessible at all SETAs or can be downloaded from the website

Applications for categories 1 – 22 must be submitted to the SETA in the relevant sector and applications for categories 23 and 24 forwarded to the National Skills Authority at

The closing date for applications is 23 January 2019. 


Contact person: Candice Perumalsami

Contact Number: 012 312 5420 / 012 312 5329


Twitter: https//

Instagram: https//

Facebook: https//

The NSA is a statutory advisory body established in 1999 in terms of Chapter 2 of the Skills Development Act (SDA) 97 of 1998. The primary functions of the NSA are to advise the Minister of Higher Education and Training on matters of skills development in accordance with section 5 of the Skills Development Act.  

Friday, December 14, 2018