Notice to Invite Nominations to Serve on the Board of the Mining Qualifications Authority

The Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) is a Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) responsible for the administration of skills development programmes for the mining and minerals sector. It was first established under the Mine Health and Safety Act, 1996 (Act 29 of 1996) (MHSA) and later registered as a SETA under the Skills Development Act 1998 (Act 97 of 1998) (SDA).

The MQA is listed as a Public Entity (Schedule 3A) according to the Public Finance Management Act 1999 (Act 1 of 1999) (PFMA) in terms of government funding received for administrative purposes, as legislated by the SDA.

In terms of the requirements of the SDA, the MHSA, the Mine Health and Safety Regulations (MHSR), and as amendments thereto, nominations are herewith invited from registered trade unions and employer organisations operating within the South African mining and mineral sector, to be considered for appointment as members of the MQA’s Accounting Authority (Board).

1. Term of Office

The term of office shall commence on 01 October 2018 and terminate on 30 September 2021.

2. Minimum Requirements for Nominees

Every nomination must be submitted in writing within thirty (30) days of publication of this notice and must contain:

  1. the name, address, ID copy, ID number and a short Curriculum Vitae of the nominee;
  2. if submitted by:
  1. a registered trade union, a statement of the number of employees registered as members of the union; or
  2. an  employer  organisation,  a  statement  of  the  number  of  employees  employed  by  the organisation; and
  3. any other information or documentation as required in this notice.

3. Selection Criteria for Nominees

Nominees should have knowledge, skills and expertise in the following areas:

  • The functioning of an Accounting Authority in terms of the requirements relating to corporate governance, stakeholder management and ethics;
  • Skills development legislation and the MHSA;
  • The MQA’s responsibility in respect of service delivery;
  • The PFMA;
  • The strategic leadership role of an Accounting Authority;
  • Education, training, skills development and human resources development;
  • Quality assurance of learning provision;
  • General management and business skills;
  • The communication and marketing role of the MQA in relation to its stakeholders; and
  • Any other criteria as per the MHSR.

4. Disqualifying Criteria

A nominee will be disqualified for appointment as a member of the Accounting Authority, if such a person:

  • is not a citizen and does not permanently reside in the Republic;
  • is subject to  an order of a competent Court declaring such person to be mentally ill or disordered;
  • is convicted whether in the Republic or elsewhere, of any offence for which such person is sentenced to imprisonment without the option of a fine;
  • at any time prior to the date of commencement of the MHSA, was convicted or, at any time after such commencement, is convicted in the Republic for theft, fraud, forgery and making reference to a forged document, perjury, or an offence in terms of the Prevention  of  Corruption  Act,  1958  (Act  6 of  1958), the Corruption Act, 1992 (Act 94 of 1992), Part 1 to 4, or section 17, 20 or 21 (in  so  far as  it  relates  to  the  aforementioned  offences) of Chapter 2 of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, 2004 (Act 12 of 2004); and
  • whether in the Republic or elsewhere, is convicted of any other offence involving dishonesty.

5. General Information

  • All nominations must be in accordance with the MHSA as read with MHSR chapter 18.2;
  • Nominations   must   be   accompanied   by   a   letter   of   the   organisation  recommending  the prospective member(s);
  • Proof of qualifications/relevant experience of the nominee must accompany the nomination as well as a copy of a South African  ID;  and
  • All nominations in accordance with the requirements will be submitted to the Honourable Minister of Mineral Resources for the necessary consideration.

Closing Date

Nominations  must  be  submitted by hand or by courier  by 12H00 on Monday 25 June 2018 to the following address: The  Chief  Executive  Officer:  MQA,  7 Anerley  Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193. Please ensure that all nominations are addressed for the attention of the Chief Executive Officer and indicate the following outside the envelope: “NOMINATION OF ACCOUNTING AUTHORITY MEMBER(S)”. 

Nominations received after the closing date and time will not be considered. For enquiries regarding the nomination process please contact Ms Angela Lehobo on 011 547 2608.

Thursday, May 10, 2018