Sector Skills Plan

In terms of the Skills Development Act 1998 (as amended in 2008), the MQA is required to develop a Sector Skills Plan (SSP) and submit it to the DHET, followed by the facilitation and monitoring of its implementation. Furthermore the NSDS III states that the core responsibility of SETAs is to develop sector skills plans. In addition, the SSP is required to guide skills development interventions within the MMS. The main purpose of the SSP, which covers skills development in the MMS over a five year period, is to:

  • Determine skills development priorities after an analysis of the skills demand and trends, and supply issues within the sector.
  • Identify a set of sector specific [skills development] objectives and goals that will meet sector needs, economic or industrial growth strategies and meet scarce and critical skills [needs] in the sector.
  • Identify strategies to address these objectives and goals.
  • Identify activities that will support these strategies.
  • Report on performance in relation to these objectives and goals (this will receive attention in the subsequent updates of the SSP and as part of on-going quarterly performance reporting requirements).

An update of the SSP is undertaken annually by the MQA. The Board Standing Committee: Skills Research and Planning established an SSP Update Task Team to guide the development of the SSP Update and ensure stakeholder input. The main purpose of the SSP Update 2015 - 2020 is to revise the content of the SSP to reflect the latest developments within the MMS to inform the MQA Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan and envisioning the organisation going forward as per the objectives of the NSDS III. The scope of the update includes:

  • Revise the statistical information presented in the SSP based on the most current research and information available;
  • Update the SSP to provide for new government and sectoral policies and imperatives;
  • Refine the current labour demand projection model to provide for projections at the occupational level;
  • Develop a section in the SSP that reports on the progress of the MQA with regard to objectives and targets set out in the Strategic Plan; and
  • Prepare the scarce skills list for submission to DHET.