The Internship Programme – Another product of the MQA

In the process of forging ahead with skills development initiatives and the transformation of the mining and minerals sector, the MQA established in 2005 an internship programme which is was initially known as Graduate development programme (GDP), now known as Internship Programme.

The MQA Internship Programme is aimed at increasing the number of technical graduates with the necessary training and qualifications required for professional employment in the mining and minerals sector.

The target group for the programme is young unemployed, historically disadvantaged South Africans who have competed degrees or diplomas in the scarce skills disciplines as identified in the MQA Sector Skills Plan. These include:

  • Mining Engineering
  • Mine Survey
  • Metallurgical  Engineering
  • Mechanical  Engineering
  • Industrial  Engineering
  • Environmental Management
  • Electro Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering and Mineral processing
  • Analytical  Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Jewellery Design and Manufacturing.

In the interest of presenting a good product to the Sector, the MQA put together a Task Team of industry experts including experts from the Department of Mineral Resources and organized Labour to develop programme requirements for each discipline (i.e. Exit requirements, Outcomes and the Assessment Criteria for each discipline).

Candidates are required to complete two years structured learning with an industry host employer.

A grant of R158 000 per candidate per annum over the two year period is made available to the host employer to cover the costs for training, allowances, travel, accommodation, medical cover, unemployment insurance fund, insurance, personal protective clothing, etc. The grant is paid out in advance by MQA on a quarterly basis provided that:

  1. A tripartite contract between the MQA, the employer and the candidate is signed;
  2. Quarterly progress reports are submitted to the MQA signed by both the candidate and the employer;
  3. Learners are verified.

On completion of the programme, candidates are required to find employment in the Sector and work for a period that is not less than the period of training. If they cannot find employment within six months of completion, they are released from the contractual obligations.

PLEASE NOTE: applications for the MQA Internship Programme are for mining companies only. Individuals / graduates cannot apply for the MQA Internship Programme.